Payment Page
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Some notes here.
1    It's easier for our records if you pay in full now. The refund policy is below, but quickly, the Comp fee must be paid by April 17th, (May 2nd for foreign pilots) and the tow fee is refundable in full up to May 17th.

2   These options take you to PayPal, but

you CAN USE a Credit  Card
on that page
. Look for that option if you don't want to use PayPal!  

3    You can pay by check. We don't have an account in the name of the comp. Please make the check and mail to:

Solec Systems
1518 N. Leavitt
Chicago, IL 60622

Choose your option

Pay Comp Fee in Full            $310.00

         Pay Tow fee                $250.00

        Pay both fees              $560.00

Comp fee(early):    $260.00
if paid by Feb. 17th.
Comp fee:               $310.00 due by April 17th.
Tow Fee:                 $250.00 due by May 17th.

Refund Policy (if you need to cancel)
100% prior to Feb 17th (Comp fee)
50% prior to April 17th (Comp fee)
0% after April 17th (Comp fee)

Prepaid Tow fees 100% refund prior to May 17th

Email us at